Meganisi Villas consist of 3 independent luxurious villas. Located in the North-West of the island of Meganisi, very close to Spartochori village and the Spilia port, they offer easy access to the market, the restaurants and the beaches of the island. The villas are built 40 meters above the sea, amidst lush vegetation and they are the ideal destination for those who deserve vacation with complete privacy in the context of warm Greek hospitality.



Our villas are constructed from natural and contemporary materials, following the principles of Leukadian architecture, with respect for the environment and tradition. The mature trees and the colorful flowers create an impressive outdoor place that in combination with the large airy indoor of the villas, offer tranquil vacation. The panoramic view of Lefkada, Scorpios and the mountains of Acarnania, the different colors of red that the sky takes during the sunrise and the sunset and the deep blue Ionian sea will reward even the most distrustful visitors.


A small secluded private beach is only 5 minutes walk away through a stoned footpath. The visitor can walk between olive and pine trees in order to access the sea shore, where is a wonderful place for swimming into the crystal blue water of the Ionian sea or just relax on the beach under the natural shade of the trees. All of our villas are full-equipped with appliances and electrical devices and they offer luxury accommodation facilities. They are an ideal destination for those who want to escape from the daily routine and for those who deserve luxury, peaceful and carefree vacation.


Meganisi is a small island in the Ionian Sea, located 4 nautical miles southeast of the island of Lefkada. Ultimate green fiords, many small coves protected from winds, crystal blue water, exotic secluded beaches, small caves by the sea and three small traditional villages create a place of rich natural beauty.

Meganisi is a favourite anchorage for those who travel by yachts or by sailing boats. Sealed from mass tourism, it is an idyllic destination for people who like both serene incognito vacations and cosmopolitan places. The tirquoise sea in combination with the dense vegetation that extends all the way to the coast, create a magic place for vacation. Most of the beaches are not organized, so the visitor can come in contact with the virgin nature. The island has a very well organized road network, so everyone can move between the villages and the beaches easily. Meganisi is the best choice for those who love nature, hiking and outdoor sport activities.


Lefkada is an ideal destination for those who love nature and outdoor sport activities, as it offers hiking, paragliding, scuba diving, sailing, windsurf or mountain bike. The visitor can explore the mountainous as well as the seaside villages of Lefkada following scenic routes through green untouched nature. The town of Lefkada offers wonderful strolls in picturesque alleys and several options for nights out and gastronomic pursuits.


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How to Get There?

Meganisi is located 4 nautical miles southeast of the island of Lefkada and opposite the west coast of  the Acarnania. The only way to get there is by ferry boat from the port of Nidri in Lefkada. The ferry boat departs 4-5 times daily to Meganisi during summer season (May-October). The trip lasts about 25 minutes until you reach Spilia port and Meganisi Villas are only 3 minutes drive from there.

You can reach Nidri choosing one of the following ways:

By car. From Athens International airport (ΑΤΗ): 4 hours and 30 minutes

From Ioannina airport (IOA): 2 hours

From the port of Patra (GR GPA): 2 hours and 30 minutes

By airplane. The airport of Aktion (PVK) is the closest one and serves visitors only in summer season during May and October. A lot of charter flights from most of european countries arrive there everyday. There are many car rental agencies and a taxi rank at the airport area ,in order to serve visitors with their transports. For your transfer to Nidri you can hire a taxi or rent a car and drive about 45 minutes to reach your destination.

By ship from the islands of Kefallonia and Ithaki.  /  +30 26450 51742  /  +30 698 9509851  /   +30 694 7181312  /  +30 697 2166857

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